Relocation Information Service for companies

Relocation Information Service offers individual classes and workshops for companies and institutions.

You want to support your foreign staff members in having an easier start to their time in Germany? To inform them about the new rules, the new regulations and the new system? And to avoid culture clashes?

Relocation Information Service has the solution for you. We provide people from abroad with the information they need to live and work in Germany.

For companies and institutions, we offer Zoom classes as well as on-site, face-to-face workshops. We can give the classes in German or English.

We adapt our classes to your business.

Choose the topics which are the most interesting for your colleagues and we make an individual class for your company.

We can also integrate your corporate regulations.

Topics we deal with in our classes

The key facts:

Geography, climate, political and social system of Germany

Coming to Germany:

Visa, blue card, residence and working permit, registration regulations

Working in Germany:

Different types of work, the employment contract, job applications and job interviews, taxes and social insurance contributions, unemployment benefits, pension system, working culture

The German health care system:

Statutory and private health insurance, care insurance, doctors or hospital visits, calling in sick

Housing in Germany:

Finding a flat, renting and buying, rental contracts, additional costs

Children in Germany:

Family reunification, maternity leave, parental allowance, child benefits, finding a spot in kindergarten or school, education system

Daily life in Germany:

Opening a bank account, buying a car, contracts with telephone or internet providers, consumer rights, media and newspapers, travel

German history and culture:

From Roman times to Angela Merkel, music, art and architecture, everyday culture

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If you are interested in an individual class for your staff members, contact us for a complimentary price quote.

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If you would like to book one of our regular online classes for a colleague or as a freelancer, please also feel free to contact us. The online booking form on this website is for private individuals only.