Relocation Information Service - individual counselling

You think about to relocate to Germany or are in the process to do so and need answers to all up-coming questions? You have recently moved to here and now you need guidance to tackle your daily problems? For all these situations, Relocation Information Service offers an individual online counselling via Zoom or other conference software. For people in Berlin, a face-to-face counselling is also possible.

Before we start the counselling, we’ll ask you to describe your problems and questions. With this, we can prepare the information you’ll need and estimate how many hours of counselling are required. The minimum for an individual counselling is one hour.

The price for an online counselling is €80 per hour. 

The price for a face-to-face counselling in Berlin is €100.

Issues for an individual counselling

Coming to Germany:

Visa, blue card, residence and working permit, registration regulations

Working in Germany:

Job application, job interview, employment contract, taxes and social insurances contributions, unemployment benefits, pension systems, working culture

Housing in Germany:

Renting or buying, flat search, rental contracts, additional costs

Family life in Germany

Family reunification, maternity leave, parental allowance, child benefits, finding a spot in kindergarten or school, education system

Daily life in Germany:

Insurances, bank matters, car purchase, telephone or internet providers, consumer rights, travel

Please note that we are not allowed to give legal advice. But we like to give you all the information and addresses you need to handle your new life in Germany.

Book your individual appointment

If you are interested in an individual counselling, contact us for an appointment. Please state your problems and questions and desired time slot.

Book one of our online classes

Relocation Information Service offers different online classes which provide you with information on all relevant aspects of life in Germany. The classes are given via Zoom for a limited number of participants.