Relocation Information Service classes

Relocation Information Service provides people from abroad with the information they need to live and work in Germany. In our classes, we present you the information you need on all important aspects of living, working, or studying in Germany in an easy to understand way and with a lot of useful examples.

Beginning with your entry into Germany, moving on to your employment contract, your flat rental, and on to finding a place for your kids in kindergarten or school. We also deal with the key facts of the German political and social system, as well as about German culture and behaviour.

Requirements for our classes

Our classes are given via Zoom. You just need a tablet, a smartphone, or a computer with a camera and a microphone and internet access. After you have booked a class, you'll receive a confirmation. We will send you the access code for the Zoom meeting before the class begins.

The classes are held in English. To understand everything easily, your English language skills should be at least at B2 level.

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Working in Germany

Online workshop

Duration: 2 x 2 hours

Maximum number of participants: 20

49 € (incl. VAT)

Detailed information and booking: