About Relocation Information Service

Relocation Information Service offers people from abroad the information they need to live and work in Germany. The face behind Relocation Information Service is Nina Banspach, a journalist and communication manager from Berlin.

About Relocation Information Service: Image of Nina Banspach

Nina Banspach
Head of Relocation Information Service

Hello and a warm welcome to Relocation Information Service,


My name is Nina Banspach. I founded Relocation Information Service to help people from abroad who have moved to or plan to move to Germany.

I have many foreign friends who came to Germany to work or study here. Over the years, I’ve seen them struggle with the new language, the new culture, the new rules – and the German bureaucracy. They often made the wrong decision, signed the wrong contract, filled in the wrong application, or became victims of people who took advantage of their lack of information and knowledge.

Fortunately, I could help them with my knowledge of Germany, Germans, and the way we handle things. With Relocation Information Service, I can give more people form abroad the information they need to live and work in Germany.

I hope I can also help you to start your new life in Germany. Contact me for an individual counselling or join my YouTube channel with free videos on all important aspects of life in Germany.

Yours sincerely,


Overview of Nina's CV:

  • Born in Bottrop (a city in the western part of Germany)
  • Lived in Eberbach (a small town in the southern part of Germany), Dortmund, Cologne and Berlin (for more than ten years now)
  • Studied journalism and worked as a journalist and communication manager in different branches
  • Has working experience as a salaried employee (in the public and the private sector), as a freelancer, and now as the founder of a company
  • Is addicted to consuming news
  • Loves to travel (if possible), likes reading books about German and European history, and is an enthusiastic soccer fan
Why you should seek the support of
Relocation Information Service?
I’m really an
expert on work and life in Germany.
And if there is a question I cannot answer, I can conduct professional research to find a reliable source of information.