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Picture shows the Brandenburger Tor and a German flag - both symbols for the insight into Germany which Relocation Information Service provides.
Picture shows the market place in Trier - a symbol for the insight into Germany which Relocation Information Service provides.
Picture shows skyline of Hamburg. Relocation Information Service provides insight into Germany.
Picture shows the skyline of Munich - a symbol for the insight into Germany which Relocation Information Service provides.

New in Germany?

Relocation Information Service offers people from abroad the information they need to live and work in Germany.

Do you want to move to Germany, or have you recently relocated to Germany? Then you are confronted with a new language, a new society and a new culture - and a lot of bureaucracy. In this situation, Relocation Information Service gives you an insight into Germany and explains how things work.

Individual counselling: Answers to all your questions

Migrating to another country is a challenging experience. You will have a lot of questions while planning your stay or during your first time in Germany.

“How can I find a housing?"

”Where can I get a tax number / the social security card?”

“How can I apply for child benefit or other public subsidies?"

Relocation Information Service can answer your questions. In an individual counselling, we give you all the information you need to do your first steps in Germany. Contact us for an appointment.

Relocation Information Service Classes

In our online classes, we provide you with the information you need on all important aspects of living, working, or studying in Germany in an easy to understand way.

Beginning with your entry into Germany, moving on to your employment contract, your flat rental, and on to finding a place for your kids in kindergarten or school. We also deal with the key facts of the German political and social system, as well as German culture and behaviour.

We offer different classes – tailored to your situation in life. In a basic class, we show you all the relevant aspects at a glance. You can also book an intensive class, which willy accompany you for three months as you settle in and give you the opportunity to discuss your individual problems. 

Short videos for all situations

Have you got a question regarding a special item? Then check our growing video collection for the necessary information.

We regularly publish short videos dealing with questions from “What is a ‘Minijob’?”, to “How many paid vacation days do employees have in Germany?” up to “What kind of taxes do I have to pay?”

The face behind Relocation Information Service...

About Relocation Information Service: Image of Nina Banspach

is Nina Banspach, a journalist from Berlin. Due to her career experience, she is an expert in the German political and social system and knows how to explain things in a way you'll understand.

Click the button below to learn more about her and everything that Relocation Information Service can offer you.